Services that Wrongful Death Attorney in New Jersey Offers

Injuries affect your life and those of your loved ones adversely. While there may be no guilt or intent attached to the incident, there is no relief from the pain and suffering that one goes though. In most cases they result in expensive medical care and loss of wages while in others they can be devastating and also lead to fatality. Whether you are a victim of an auto accident, have suffered injuries at the work place, or suffered due to medical negligence you need to be financially compensated to take care of your medical expenses and heal your wounds.  At the Law Office of Milton W. Brown we are recognized as the leading Wrongful Death Attorney in New Jersey and also deal with other types of personal injury cases.

# Auto Injuries

New Jersey has poor track record as far as road accidents are concerned and as per stats more close to three hundred thousand crashes take place in the state every years and more than 500 people lose their lives annually. The list of those suffering serious injuries is even higher. But beyond these numbers is the human angle where many lives change and dreams are cut short by these accidents. As the best Wrongful Death Attorney in New Jersey we have successfully represented hundreds of clients and helped them in earning rightful compensation.

Our Area of Expertise Includes

  • Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • Pedestrian Injuries
  • Motorcycle Injuries
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bus Accidents

# Medical Malpractice

Suffering at the hands of people whom you trust with your life can be difficult to sallow. In worst cases your loved one or your newborn child can suffer fatality owing to negligence of a doctor, nurse, other staff or the institution itself. In cases of wrongful death or life threatening conditions we help you fight for your rights. We are the leading wrongful death attorney in New Jersey with a proven track record with medical malpractice cases. We gather crucial evidences to establish negligence and other forms of medical malpractice that can directly be linked to the pain and trauma you or your loved one may have undergone.

# Slip and Fall

If you have slipped, tripped or fallen and suffered an injury due to the custodian’s negligence you should immediately get in touch with us. State and Federal law makes it mandatory for the property owners to maintain, repair and upkeep their property to ensure it doesn’t pose threat of injuries to any person. When you suffer injury for this violation we can help you file a lawsuit and earn maximum compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

# Dog Attacks

Dog bites can be painful and leave behind ugly scars.  As per the law as a victim of dog bite you are eligible for compensation. We have handled several cases of compensation claims owing to dog and other animal bite on behalf victims. Such cases seldom go to trial and are settled either with the owner’s insurance company or on the negotiations table. If the case reaches the courtroom we would offer you best possible representation and earn you due compensation.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle accident attorney in New Jersey or one who would fight your other types of personal injury case aggressively, contact us today.